7 Proven Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy At Home

7 Proven Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy At Home

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COVID-19 pandemic had a huge effect on the economy and our lives. Where we are highly concerned with our health and fitness. But here are some best-proven ways to stay fit and healthy while maintaining our immunity.

7 ways to stay fit and healthy

  1. Daily Workout

Physical activity helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and boost our respiratory system. Regular exercise causes a change in antibodies and an increase in white blood cells, improving our immune system.

The best time to work out is early in the morning. Early morning workouts are the most effective and benefit the most to our body. It is also considered one of the best ways to reduce weight fast. Proper exercise slows down the release of stress hormones in our body and keeps us fit and active for the whole day. It also boosts our energy level.



  1. Healthy Eating

Since a person with low immunity is more prone to get affected by coronavirus it has become highly essential to improve our eating habits to keep up our immunity and stay away from getting in contact with coronavirus. Oily and fat-rich food items should be highly avoided as they decrease our immunity.

Some recommended food items to boost immunity:

  • Citrus fruits – rich in vitamin – C, are essential for the production of white blood cells and prevent our body from harmful diseases.
  • Red Bell Pepper – Powerful antioxidant also rich in vitamin – C and good for eyes and skin
  • Broccoli – Rich in vitamin – A, C, E, and a great antioxidant containing healthy fibrous.
  • Ginger and Garlic – both found in most food items and are highly important in improving our immunity system.
  • Spinach is highly rich in antioxidants, vitamin -C, A, and B-carotene, making it highly essential to consume for maintaining immunity.



  1. Yoga and meditation


Yoga and meditation is the healthiest practice which has been recommended by all types of doctors and nutritionist. It not only strengthens the body but also keeps us mentally fit and strong. It is truly said that yoga and meditation have to lead us to live a peaceful and healthy life.

Yoga and meditation keep our muscles flexible and strong, it improves our body posture, increases our concentration, boosts metabolism, helps in weight loss, increases immunity, improves lung functioning, keeps you active and energetic, contributes to mental sharpness, etc.

“Yoga is not a WORKOUT it is a WORK-IN, which opens up our hearts and FOCUS our awareness so that we can KNOW WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW and BE WHO WE ALREADY ARE.”

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  1. Improve eyesight 

As all of us are stuck in our homes in this pandemic situation where we have left no other choice except the internet to stay connected with others. From students to businessmen all can be seen in front of screens either studying or doing work from home. This is putting a deep effect on our eyes.

This is essential but the exposure of eyes to screen for such long hours is really harmful to our eyesight. We should maintain a proper distance from the screen [approx. 12 inches]. Washing eyes with cold water at least thrice a day by which our eyes can get a refresh.

Having Blue- light eye lenses is also one of the best options to protect eyesight from getting stressed. And after taking care of all preventions giving rest to the eyes is also necessary which means having a proper sleep of 6-7 hours daily.


  1. Strictly Avoid Alcohol and Drug Consumption     

Recently when the government allowed liquor shops to start sales in the open market we saw a large number of people buying liquor in huge quantities.

This has been scientifically proven that liquor and drugs weaken the immune system and there is no need to explain how important it is to maintain our immune system in this COVID-19 pandemic. Drugs and alcohol directly affect our nervous system and slows it down which not only decreases our ability to think but also decreases our immunity and strength to fight diseases. And once the coronavirus entered our body and started growing it is highly difficult to control it especially when one is highly addicted to drugs and alcohol.



  1. Maintain Proper sleep     

To keep up with the rapidly growing world and busy schedule what we usually sacrifice is our sleep. Everyone keeps themselves up till late at night to complete work or to chat with friends but sacrificing our sleep for fun is really dangerous especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A test was conducted with some rhinos. They were exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Half of them were allowed to have a proper sleep and the rest were not. It was observed that those who did not have proper sleep had 3 times more chances of getting sick.

An 8-10 hours’ sleep daily was a myth, 6-7 hours daily at night is even and enough. If you say you have to work it’s an excuse if 16-18 hours are not enough to work then my friend you are not maintaining your time properly.

“A good LAUGH and a PROPER SLEEP are 2 best cures for anything”


    7. Stay Connected

During this pandemic situation, you are stuck at home and most people face loneliness and start getting depressed while they are alone. Especially the people who live alone or are far from their loved ones due to work.

It is really important to stay connected with your friends and family. Call them daily talk to them whenever you feel low. Have video conferences. Having good conversations will keep your mind fresh also keeps you far away from physiological disorders.

You can also talk to your neighbors and friend next to your house but while maintaining a minimum 6-feet distance and proper preventive measures.

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